• Raising Awareness and Funds One Doughnut at a Time

    CSM Bakery Solutions is proud to sponsor the UK’s National Doughnut Week for the 24th year in a row.

  • Taking Turnovers to the Next Level with Cinnabon®

    CSM Bakery Solutions and Cinnabon® have teamed up to take the apple turnover to the next level. With layers of flaky, buttery dough and a center of irresistible Cinnabon® Makara cinnabon dutch apple pie filling, this new offering is sure to increase incremental fresh bakery sales.

  • CSM Relaunches Ancient Grains in the UK

    The Pantique Ancient Cereals bread mix is relaunching in the UK with new packaging, new POS, and under a new name: Ancient Grains. As the only bread mix in the UK market containing Emmer and Einkorn, the Pantique Ancient Grains 50% bread mix differentiates your bread portfolio with a premium offering.

  • A Breakthrough with Breakfast

    Breakfast is taking over as the preferred food for anytime of the day and CSM has the expertise to make your offering stand out from morning to night.

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