• CSM Relaunches Ancient Grains in the UK

    The Pantique Ancient Cereals bread mix is relaunching in the UK with new packaging, new POS, and under a new name: Ancient Grains. As the only bread mix in the UK market containing Emmer and Einkorn, the Pantique Ancient Grains 50% bread mix differentiates your bread portfolio with a premium offering.

  • A Breakthrough with Breakfast

    Breakfast is taking over as the preferred food for anytime of the day and CSM has the expertise to make your offering stand out from morning to night.

  • Sweet Success with Cadbury

    CSM Bakery Solutions has partnered with Cadbury, the UK’s number one chocolate brand, to offer a luxurious range of doughnuts and muffins filled with real Cadbury chocolate.

  • Craveable Cookies Every Day

    Our line of clean label everyday cookies features the homemade look consumers can't pass up, ingredients they won't second guess, and a delicious taste for the value-conscious.

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