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Did you know that 83% of consumers snack on a daily basis, up about 9% since 2014? This rapid growth is in part due to factors like increasingly busy consumer lifestyles, an evolving definition of snacking, and the rise of smaller households.

All About Snacking

Since the summer of 2015, CSM Bakery Solutions has provided university students with a distinct opportunity to gain invaluable experience in the corporate setting of a global company. The corporate internship program, located at the company headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, places students from the country’s top universities in various departments, ranging from quality testing to marketing and finances.

Leading Young Business Professionals

For the 7th year in a row, CSM employees in the Bremen, Germany office formed a team to join the annual BMW 5K running event along the Weser river.

Community Support in Bremen, Germany

Did you know that 50% of Millennials would visit restaurants more often if they provided greater ability to customize? New and innovative flavors are also a trigger in the younger generation.

Millennial Dining Habits
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