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  • Original American Sweets in Europe

    European consumers have high expectations for quality, authenticity and variety when it comes to American baked goods, which is why CSM has brought its expertise in American bakery to Europe!

  • Hispanic Dining Out Trends

    Hispanics pose a significant opportunity for the future of foodservice as they represent a large, growing population who is still establishing brand, food and flavor preferences within the foodservice / fresh bakery industry.

  • Candy Aisle Meets Fresh Bakery

    America's number one chocolate and confectionary brand is expanding beyond the candy aisle and into the growing fresh bakery space.

  • European Classics Reimagined

    CSM brings authentic, easy-to-create products from our European ingredients lines to North America with European Classics Reimagined.

Our Brands
  • Arkady
  • Artisal
  • BakeMark
  • Baker & Baker
  • BakeSense
  • Braims
  • Brill
  • Craigmillar
  • Croexa
  • Goldfrost
  • Henry & Henry
  • Karps
  • Kates Cakes
  • Marguerite
  • Masterline
  • MeisterMarker
  • Molco
  • Multifoods
  • Trigal Dorado
  • Ulmer Spatz
  • Waldkorn
  • Westco