At CSM Bakery Solutions, leadership goes well beyond our day-to-day commitment to helping customers grow their businesses; it also includes embracing and acting on our collective responsibility to make a positive impact with our employees, in our communities, across our industry and around the world.

To Our Employees

We are committed to providing workplace environments that foster productivity, collaboration and personal growth. Our health and wellness programs, developed and administered by employees, highlight fun, team-oriented participation. And through professional development and support of continuing education programs, we encourage employees to continue learning, improving and growing.

To Our Communities

In an effort to improve our communities and to reflect the concerns of employees, suppliers and customers, CSM supports a number of non-profit and volunteer organizations (Susan G. Komen, Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement, National Urban League, and more). Organizations are selected regionally, based on community need.

To Our Industry

We are committed to supporting and enhancing the future of our own industry by taking steps to invest in the next generation of bakers. And through our active participation in many trade associations around the world, CSM will share insights and key learnings to help move the bakery industry forward.

To Our Environment

CSM is launching a more comprehensive enterprise-wide sustainability program. We are fully committed to making the world a better place for generations to come by becoming better stewards of scarce resources. This means exploring sustainable sourcing of key ingredients, utilizing water and energy efficiently, and eliminating waste throughout our supply chain.

CSM has much to learn from other leaders and experts, including our valued customers and suppliers. We will work tirelessly with them and others as we develop programs and actions that ensure we make a positive impact around the world.