A Breakthrough with Breakfast

From brunch to brinner and the snacks in between, breakfast is taking over as the preferred food for any time of the day


  • People in the U.S. are eating breakfast more often and for a broader range of meal occasions throughout the day.  Nearly a third of U.S. consumers eat breakfast for lunch or dinner while just under a quarter eat breakfast food as a snack.  In order to have broad appeal across dayparts, carry a range of breakfast flavors that span the savory (think premium cheeses and spicy ingredients) - sweet (think chocolate and blueberry) spectrum.
  • Taste is the number one purchase factor for breakfast followed by nutrition.  When starting their day, U.S. consumers look for sources of sustained energy, so foods with ingredients like protein, fiber, and whole grains have become more popular.  Incorporating these functional ingredients into relevant fresh bakery categories, like breads and muffins, gives conscientious consumers another reason to buy, and this should increase purchase frequency.
  • Despite healthier eating trends, U.S. shoppers do still seek indulgent breakfast items.   Fresh bakery items traditionally associated with breakfast (donuts, muffins, cinnamon rolls, scones, croissants) are seeing sales growth.  Carrying an assortment of fresh bakery breakfast items creates opportunities to capitalize on this growth.
  • Portability is key, especially among younger generations.  Nearly two in five U.S. consumers claim to be too busy to eat a sit-down breakfast at home, while nearly one third of U.S. consumers agree breakfast foods are not portable enough.  Offering smaller portion sizes is a great way to give consumers an easy on-the-go solution.


Muffins, croissants, danishes, ancient grains and scones – CSM has the portfolio to take your breakfast staples to the table or on the go later in the day and in a variety of ways. And with a multitude of flavors and formats, and our expertise in merchandising and applications, we pride ourselves as a partner that can make your offering stand out morning to night.

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