Cake Decorating Trends

Forget fondant, buttercreme is back. And it's starting with Russian piping tips.

Gaining popularity in 2016, Russian piping tips are an easy, quick way to make beautiful and intricate icing flowers. The original set comes in 7 designs with defined cut outs to create detailed centers and delicate petals with minimal effort.

With such ease of use, these cake tips are great for icing a large quantity of cakes and cupcakes in a short amount of time or as a supplement to larger hand piped decorations. Because of this, CSM merchandising expert Mark Mallen sees the use of the tips expanding from boutique bakeries to national grocery stores. He's found that "they allow progressive grocery markets to stay up to date on the trends by giving cakes and cupcakes a boutique look without the added labor."

Using colored buttercremes to variegate the piping bag, the flowers are the perfect decoration for special occasion treats such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, bridal showers and more.