CSM Relaunches Ancient Grains in the UK

CSM Bakery Solutions is relaunching its Pantique Ancient Cereals bread mix under a new name: Ancient Grains. As the only bread mix in the UK market containing the ancient grains Emmer and Einkorn, this versatile product enhances and differentiates the bakers’ bread offering.

Ancient grains are more nutritious than modern wheat due to the high level of protein, fatty acids and potassium, and produces bread and rolls with a unique taste and an artisanal appearance enabling bakers to create their own signature breads. Emmer gives a well-rounded aromatic taste while Einkorn has a subtle nutty flavour. With consumers willing to pay a premium for these unique and nutritious bread and rolls, bakers can expect higher profits, too!

Along with the relaunch, a free POS kit is available to help bakers communicate the flavour profile and nutritional advantages of ancient grains. The kits contain bread bands, shelf wobblers, posters, stickers, a leaflet dispenser, and consumer information leaflets. These brochures communicate the history of the grains, the benefits of eating the bread, and the flavour profile.

The Pantique Ancient Grains 50% bread mix is perfect for artisan and craft bakers who want to offer something extra special for their customers. Learn more by downloading the brochure.