CSM Bakery Solutions Reveals Range of Festive Bread Recipes

CSM Bakery Solutions has introduced a delicious range of bread recipes for the festive period using its Pantique Ancient Grains mix. The bread mix, re-launched earlier this year, is the only mix on the market containing the ancient cereals emmer, einkorn and spelt.

The recipes include popular seasonal flavors and fruits and have a unique taste and artisanal appearance that are perfect for driving Christmas sales.

The versatile Pantique mix is the perfect base for recipes as it holds the addition of fruit and nuts well and can be shaped into a variety of rolls and loaves.

In addition to our standard ancient grains bread and roll recipe, our new brochure features recipes for a rich Date, Walnut and Raisin loaf and a fruity Orange & Cranberry loaf. Download the recipe brochure.