Hispanic Dining Out Trends

Hispanics pose a significant opportunity for the future of foodservice as they represent a large, growing population who is still establishing brand, food and flavor preferences within the foodservice / fresh bakery industry.

Why Focus on the Hispanic Community?

According to the US Census Bureau, the Hispanic population has reached a record 57 million, making up the country's ethnic minority. In 2016, 25% of all restaurant traffic, or 9.8 billion visits, were consumers of Hispanic origin.

Attracting Hispanic Consumers

  • Ingredient Authenticity
    According to Technomic, 44% of Hispanics say they would pay more for food described as authentic, where only 21% of the general population said this was an important factor.
  • Spanish Language
    Two in five Hispanic consumers (44%) agree that advertisements in the Spanish-language are a key driver to visiting a foodservice location.
  • Family Friendly Atmosphere
    46% of Hispanic consumers say that this characteristic is the most important when deciding where to eat.
  • Convenient Breakfast
    88% of Hispanics say they've visited a restaurant for breakfast in the last month, compared to 77% of the general population.

Authentic, Delicious and Made with Pride

CSM Bakery Solutions offers a complete line of genuine Hispanic ingredients with Trigal Dorado. This line delivers authentic flavors from the homeland with the quality and consistency that helps the bakery industry grow their business. From traditional mixes and fillings to frozen products, Trigal Dorado brings Latin flair to your bakery offering.

The dry mixes, ranging from bizcocho sweet bread to tres leches cake, are made with traditional formulas to provide rich, sweet tastes and true textures. With four traditional Hispanic flavors, the Trigal Dorado fillings are made to accompany your empanadas, pastries, cakes and more. Trigal Dorado's staple Hispanic desserts, such as the churro and yeast donuts, bring operators the convenience of a flash frozen product while giving consumers the authentic taste that brings back fond memories.

There's nothing like the breads of the homeland – and that's why Trigal Dorado offers authentic, delicious Hispanic products made with pride. For more information on these products, contact your sales representative.