Inspiring Brilliance

CSM Bakery Solutions’ Brill icings have led the category with superior formulations and premium quality since 1928. We take pride in developing innovative icings and fresh solutions that continuously inspire bakers to be brilliant.

Two of CSM’s own bakery experts, Corrie Rasmussen and Joseph Cumm, have been inspired by Brill buttercrèmes to create works of art through cake decorating. As true masters of the craft, Joseph is a Certified Executive Pastry Chef and has won several well-known competitions such as Food Network’s Cake Wars, while Corrie wows the world of social media with her designs and teaches thousands through Craftsy classes.

Corrie and Joseph recently came together to brainstorm and prepare for CSM’s booth at the International Dairy Deli and Bakery show (IDDBA), which will include some of their signature and innovative cake and cupcake decorations. They’ll also be highlighted at CSM’s demo display where they’ll showcase on-trend cake decorating and finishing techniques using Brill icings. In seeing their creations come to life, we wanted to learn more about what inspires them to be brilliant!

How long have you been working in the bakery industry?

    • C: Since 1994, so about 23 years.
    • J: I’ve been a Pastry Chef for 25 years.

What is your favorite cake decorating technique and what in which are you most proficient?

    • C: I love creating and teaching layered fondant 2-D decorations. They really bring the designs to life and it’s also my specialty!
    • J: Royal icing piping is my strong suit and my favorite design – it’s a beautiful classic that always ‘wows’!

What is your proudest bakery-related accomplishment?

    • C: The month that my Craftsy class was released, it was the top selling class and out-sold all other categories! I’m really proud of that.
    • J: I take pride in my Certified Executive Pastry Chef certification (CEPC). It was incredibly tough to earn and there are only about 350 in the US.

What is your favorite Brill icing to work with?

    • C: Brill’s Transmart Xtra Smooth Buttercrème because it’s extremely easy to use and, just like its name, is incredibly smooth.
    • J: I can’t pick just one! The ease of use and texture of our Brill icings take them a step above the rest.

What tips do you have to inspire those who are new to the industry?

    • C: Practice, practice, practice!
    • J: Be passionate.

Who inspires you to be brilliant?  

    • C: I’ve known my current supervisor, Cyndee, for 25 years. I used to watch her decorate cakes in the bakery and thought she was amazing. Eventually I began working as a decorator, too! We ended up going our separate paths and then here we are, two decades later, working together again and she continues to inspire me!
    • J: My daughter is my inspiration every single day.

Come see Corrie and Joseph create their masterpieces at IDDBA! With creative and aspirational cake designs on display, and demonstrations of daily on-trend finishing and decorating techniques, you’ll experience the breadth of capabilities in our products and our people.


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