Original American Sweets in Europe

The success of American specialties in Europe has clearly demonstrated a growing trend towards a new experience: American inspired indulgence. Consumers have high expectations for quality, authenticity and variety when it comes to American baked goods, which is why CSM Bakery Solutions has brought its expertise in American bakery to Europe. The Original American Sweets program features pastry mixes, icings and chocolate chunks, allowing our customers to create a full American experience.

Authenticity is key to the European consumer, which is why our Original American Sweets pastry mixes have been specially formulated to give the classic American shape, texture, and taste every time. With mixes for cakes, muffins, donuts, cookies, and brownies, you can create a customized offering for consumers.

The concept gets a further boost with innovative recipes that bring new flavors and exciting textures alive offering a complete range of quality and authentic indulgent ingredients. The recipes enhance the latest trends that allow you to create pretzel cookies, introduce croquant as a new texture on brownies, or give muffins an exciting, new flavor of green tea or lavender. With CSM’s rich legacy in producing the best mixes and expertise of the best pastry chefs, you can expect nothing but the easiest recipes that cash in on the most popular trends.

Original American Sweets also includes icings and chunks to give the perfect final touch to your products. Easy to handle and extremely versatile, the dark chocolate, vanilla, and caramel icings can be heated and used as a coating on top of your dessert for a nice shine and added flavor, or whipped to fill or decorate after baking. Available in white, milk, and dark chocolate, our bake stable chocolate chunks offer a variety of inclusion possibilities to capture the American indulgence appeal.

Not only does the Original American Sweets program provide the iconic flavors and textures European consumers are searching for, but it also includes point of sale communications, posters, product packaging, application recipes, and take away tools to help increase sales and create a unique experience.

The Original American Sweets are brought to Europe through a brand Americans have trusted since 1988 – Henry & Henry. Dedicated to craftsmanship, Henry & Henry products include superior ingredients that perform beautifully and consistently help our customers create signature products. The Original American Sweets, brought to you by Henry & Henry at CSM Bakery Solutions, are now available in Europe.

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