Taking Turnovers to the Next Level with Cinnabon®

CSM Bakery Solutions and Cinnabon® have teamed up to offer an irresistible Cinnabon® Dutch Apple Turnover in the fresh bakery space. We’ve taken the apple filling flavor to the next level by incorporating the infamous Cinnabon® Makara cinnamon in every bite. With layers of flaky, buttery dough on the outside and a center packed full of Cinnabon® Makara cinnamon dutch apple filling, they are sure to fly off the shelf.

Turnovers are driving the laminated dough market throughout U.S. in-store bakeries. The 4-count offering is rising even faster and makes up 93% of turnover dollar share and growth. Merchandising these Cinnabon® turnovers in a 4-count clamshell ensures consumers get the quantity and flavor they want in a new and improved offering.

As the purchase intent continues to rise, so do incremental sales for the bakery. 71% of consumers would buy turnovers as an additional purchase rather than replacing an existing baked good in their cart.

With continued market growth and the power of the Cinnabon® brand and flavor, these turnovers are sure to increase incremental, impulse purchases. For more information, download the product brochure.