Versatility at its Best

Fresh muffins, cakes and more ... No mixing required. Starting with the finest ingredients, Karp’s Scoop-N-Bake batters are blended to perfection and then quickly frozen to lock in the freshness. There's no need to worry about mixing, measuring or portion control—just scoop it out and bake it up. Special events or limited-time offerings aren’t a problem because inventory is managed in the freezer. No surprises. The only limit of Karp’s Scoop-N-Bake products is your imagination.

Product Categories

Karp’s Scoop‐N‐Bake Muffins in Basket Karp’s Mini Muffin Variety Karp’s Loaf Cake Varieties Karp’s Scoop‐N‐Bake Banana Nut Muffins