Trigal Dorado
Authentic, Delicious, and Made with Pride

There's nothing like the breads of the homelandauthentic, delicious, and made with pride. That’s what the Trigal Dorado brand is all about. We offer a complete line of genuine ingredients, made just for professional bakers. Only Trigal Dorado delivers the authentic flavors from the homeland, with the quality and consistency to help our customers grow their businesses.

When it comes to Hispanic baked goods, bakers trust Trigal Dorado to deliver authenticity and consistency. From mixes and fillings to frozen products, Trigal Dorado brings Latin flair to the world.

Trigal Dorado Assorted Tres Leches & Cuatro Leches Cakes Trigal Dorado Cortadillo Trigal Dorado Assorted Hispanic Pastries Trigal Dorado Niños Envueltos