Sunfry Baking® Donuts Awarded for Impact Delivered

Sunfry Baking® Donuts from CSM Bakery Solutions was awarded third place in the Impact Delivered category by the European Association of Research and Technology Organizations. These donuts are a delicious treat with at least 40% less fat than the standard donut and significantly less saturated fat and calories with no compromise to taste – the ideal treat! Recognizing the technical difficulty between balancing indulgent taste with health and wellness, Sunfry Baking® Donuts were awarded for its success in this endeavor.

The European Association of Research and Technology Organizations, EARTO, is a non-profit international association that represents about 350 European research institutes striving to make large contributions to the European economy and quality of life. Each year, EARTO presents an innovation award to innovators with significant social and/or economic impact. This year, CSM Bakery Solutions, along with research institute SP from Sweden, submitted the Sunfry Baking® Donuts as contesters. CSM was proud to accept the award at a special ceremony in Brussels.

Sunfry Baking® Impact Delivered Award