Zacharias Award 2015

CSM Bakery Solutions recently announced the 2015 Zacharias Award winners.

The honorees and recipients of the bronze sculptures included three bakeries: Die Lohner's, Bäckerei Reiß-Beck and Konditorei, and Bäckerei Peters. This year’s awards were presented by CSM Bakery Solutions leaders Björn Quakernack, Manfred Laukamp and Frank Breuer. In addition to the bakeries receiving the awards, the Honorary Zacharias award was given to master baker Martin Hass for his excellent company management and commitment to various social projects that helped make him a role model for the industry.

Recognized as one of the more noteworthy awards in the bakery trade, the Zacharias Award was instituted by CSM in 1988 and is awarded to bakeries and confectionaries making significant contributions to the artisan bakery craft through their outstanding marketing and/or public relations concepts for their pastries.

The ceremony took place at Alfons Schubheck’s spice shop in Munich, Germany. Known as "Pope of Spices" to his fans, Schuhbeck is a spice-expert and celebrity top chef, well known in Germany and throughout Europe for his TV performances, specialist books and shops.

Congratulations to all “Zacharias-Preis” winners!

Zacharias Award 2015