At CSM Bakery Solutions, leadership goes well beyond our day-to-day commitment to helping customers grow their businesses; it also includes embracing and acting on our collective responsibility to make a positive impact with our employees, in our communities, across our industry and around the world. In other words, to being a sustainable enterprise.

We aspire to thrive by creating shared value for customers, colleagues, investors, the communities and the environment in which we work and live. To achieve this goal, we are integrating principles of responsible operation into every part of our business:

Environment – we seek to manage our energy and water use and waste streams in order to operate as efficiently as possible and reduce our carbon footprint.

People – we seek to create a transparent and collaborative culture in which colleagues are empowered to succeed; we provide safe working environments, competitive compensation and health and well-being benefits as well as training and education and opportunities for development.

Products – we exist to help our customers delight consumers with delicious ingredients and baked goods. Our measures of quality include requirements for responsible sourcing, production and distribution, and we aim for transparency about the origins and composition of our products.

Communities – we work with our suppliers, customers and colleagues to contribute to the communities in which we work and live.

Governance – we seek to operate always with integrity, respect and transparency.

These principles of sustainability form the framework in which we will execute on our commitment to become a sustainable business. Here are actions we are committed to taking to fulfill these principles:

Invest our finite resources in projects that address material issues and provide net benefits to multiple stakeholders.

Reduce environmental impacts throughout our value chain.

Source responsibly, using our Supplier Code of Conduct to evaluate suppliers' sustainability and make procurement decisions.

Engage colleagues in the workplace, with safe working conditions, respectful treatment, collaborative teamwork, opportunities for training and development, and transparent communication.

Support our communities, both through job creation and by encouraging our colleagues to participate in service activities.

Communicate our performance to stakeholders regularly and transparently.