Baker & Baker

We Are American Bakery

Baker & Baker joins two families and generations of industry knowledge to deliver innovative, upscale, authentic American-style bakery products and selling concepts that are unmatched.

It’s with great confidence that Baker & Baker presents customers with trendsetting modern bakery innovations. Confidence that is largely a result of decades of hard work, clever partnerships and deep bakery knowledge.

In the 1800’s two entrepreneurs – Philip Orth from Germany and Louis Karp from Austria – settled in the U.S. and independently established successful bakery businesses.

Orth was originally known for producing flours and mixes of exceptional quality, and Karp earned a reputation for outstanding mixes as well as icings, unique flavors and specialty bakery items. For generations their families expanded their businesses and adapted to market needs.

Then Orth and Karp noticed a trend was emerging - operators needed more convenient, premium bakery products. As a result they decided to join forces, and Baker & Baker was born.

By 2002, the coffee shop trend had spread to Germany along with the growing excitement for American-style bakery items. With that Baker & Baker shifted focus to Europe to become the known experts in authentic American-style bakery.

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