Bakery science that delivers peace of mind, every time.

There is something captivating about the sight and smell of a warm blueberry muffin, soft yeast donut or flaky croissant that makes it impossible to resist. In fact, the attraction to fresh baked goods has steadily increased over generations. To keep up with the growing consumer demand, operators need to add simplicity and consistency to their business. In 1892, Multifoods was established with that specific goal in mind.

With a variety of versatile formats, Multifoods has delivered quality, ease-of-execution and consistency for muffins, mixes and laminated dough for generations.

The secret behind the Multifoods legacy is its unique expertise in bakery science coupled with its deep love for the art of baking.

Multifoods experimented with formulations that would stifle variability while making day-to-day business easier for the bakery operator. Multifoods pioneered the pre-deposited muffin – a shining example of ease-of-execution yielding outstanding product quality.

Multifoods went on to develop well-loved formulations for reliable pastry mixes, ready-to-bake laminated dough and all formats of muffins, from mix to batter to frozen and ready-to-serve.

With versatile, tolerant, proven formulations that produce consistent, flavorful fresh baked goods each and every time, Multifoods has baking down to a science.


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